Vinci gay sauna and Spa in Larnaka welcomed you

Gay-Unfriendly Cyprus

On November 3rd, 2019 Vinci Gay-Sauna has been shut down by the government.

After a 2-years period of repression and countless raids of Larnaka police, Cyprus was successful again to wipe out another piece of Gay Life on the island.

Vinci has been a tourist magnet for over two years, offering an open-minded place for gay men from all over the world.

Gay men met here to talk and enjoy the freedom not to be repressed of the life society forced them to live and of what they are.

It was a safe place of peace and communication.

Don´t ask for reasons or explainations. You won´t find them.

Cyprus may be labelled Europe but it is far behind to reach a level of a tolerant and open minded society.

Gay tourists should spend their money somewhere else.

Malta, for example, successully managed to become a gayfriendly Island.



We leave this page as a memory for you.

Cyprus destroyed another chance to become a more modern society. R.I.P

Being homosexual is not a choice. It´s part of mankind.


Artemidos 76020 Larnaca

Entrance is on the left side of the building.

Discrete parking in the back of the house.

No entry under age of 18.

Clean and friendly. Welcome to Vinci Sauna.